Telegraf (influxDB) integration

  • Hello all,

    Recently I decided to switch from Bosun (open TSDB) logging solution in favour of Influx DB.

    Telegraf is a collecting/reporting agent for Influx DB - it can receive and forward some data to the database.
    here is a nice visual explanation

    So far I was using HTTP2 blocks for sending POST request (with Json formatted data with help of CONCAT blocks). It is working just fine.

    I could choose the same approach with InfluxDB and Telegraf.

    But I was thinking about installing Telegraf on the raspbian running rexygen, and using this service directly from the raspberry.

    Anybody have some experience with Telegraf/InfluxDB and Rexygen?


  • I wrote something about InfluxDb in the old forum

  • Hi @Scoobsalamander, thanks for info, I will look into it.


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