Best way to send commands over Ethernet to a 2Dcode (QRcode) reader

  • Hello,

    The current project I am working on uses a 2Dcode (QRcode) reader. This reader is connected over a switch to the RPI and has a static IP address. Connecting to it with its assigned software is no problem. There is a basic terminal which I can send commands over to read the code and get the data back.

    Now I'm trying to send a command from the RPI with the Rexygen system and I'm quite lost on what to use. Is there a block that manages ethernet communication or should I move this logic into a python script and just exchange the data with that?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Ivan,

    thank you for your question.
    Using REXLANG function block you can manage Ethernet communication - see REXLANG documentation - part Communication functions:

    Have a look also at "0504-01 Generic UDP Sender Receiver" example which can help you to start with the implementation.

    Regards, Tomas

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