Data from obd port

  • Hey, is there any way i could transfer data from the vehicle obd2 port to my rexygen project. I use monarcoHat and siemens S7 for my control, which I would like to include information about the power source. For example
    can find different codes for reading data, but how to reliably transfer them to rexygen?
    Is via rs232 or can-bus better idea?

  • Hi,
    how about running Python code alongside REXYGEN and pushing the data to running task(s) via REST API of REXYGEN? This is shown in example project 0302-03 which is included in REXYGEN Studio.

    Both RS-232 and CAN bus are also an option, but in that case you'll only get raw data and you'll have to parse it yourself to get useful information.

    Hope this helps, let me know.


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