• what is wrong with this how can I read that value correctly from the database.

    my idea says i have to add ?1 but where

    Group {
    Name "Read13"
    Mode 3
    SQL "SELECT ?2 FROM Schakelaars WHERE Id=1"
    Period 2
    Items "SchakelaarAanString,SchakelaarAan"
    Type "ss"

  • Hi Martijn,

    thank you for your question, however I'm not sure what you are after. Please, can you add some details? What do you get? Source files? What does System Log says?

    I also recommend you to have a look at example "0404-04 MySQL Reading Recipes" (try it out, read "readme") - it can help to achieve your goal.

    Let me know if I can be of assistance.


  • @martijnperdaan said in Database:


    the input SwitchOn is variable sometimes it is Switch1On and sometimes Switch2On and sometimes Switch3On

    so he has to read the value of for example Switch1On from the tablet Switches
    for example, he should get back 01101010 as answer because it is stored underneath but he returns Switch1On in response

    the system does not log an error because the SQL command line must be normal

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