Unipi Neuron L523

  • i would like to have the rexgen software running on a Unipi Neuron L523

    if I am correct I have to edit the file neuron_cfg.rio to assign all digital inputs and relay outputs

    where can I find the data that I have to enter there such as this for example
    Item {
    Name "RO3_1"
    SlaveAdr 0
    RegisterAdr 3001
    Type 0x00000144
    Count 2

  • Hi Martijn,

    yes, you are correct. Neuron Modbus register map (https://www.unipi.technology/shop/product/download?fileId=1053) will help you to edit the REXYGEN Modbus driver settings.

    It is also possible to edit the Modbus driver using our configuration tool which makes it easier - see following screenshot:

    Let me know if it helped.


  • is there a special way or maybe you need to install extra stuff with rexygen on a Neuron L523

    whatever I try I can't get it to work

    get this error code

    12-8-2020 21:53:30.432 Error MBDRV: Socket receive error (idx=0, code=111)
    12-8-2020 21:53:30.432 Error MBDRV: Error while receiving data(ignore, code=-309)

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