How to install REXYGEN 2.50.10 Runtime on a fresh RaspberryPi Debian

  • Hello,
    I tried to install the new Release 2.50.20 Runtime at a RaspbarryPI with a fresh Debian Buster Image.
    Following the getting started Guide the Installation was Release 2.50.9.

    Getting started with REXYGEN and UniPi v1.1
    User guide

    REX Controls s.r.o.

    Version 2.50.10
    Plzeň (Pilsen), Czech Republic

    3.1 Installation of components on Raspberry Pi

    On your Raspberry Pi, update the APT installation packages repository
    sudo apt update
    Afterwards install GIT
    sudo apt install git
    Go to your home directory
    Download the latest revision of installation scripts
    git clone --branch v2.50
    Change the working directory
    cd rex-install-rpi
    Depending on your hardware, run ONLY ONE of the following installation scripts
    For bare Raspberry Pi:
    sudo bash
    For Raspberry Pi with the Monarco HAT:
    sudo bash
    For Raspberry Pi with UniPi extension board:
    sudo bash
    For Raspberry Pi with PiFace Digital extension board:
    sudo bash
    Perform reboot if you are asked for it and you are done.

    How to install the Official 2.50.10 Runtime on a RaspberryPI Debian Buster?

    With best Regards,


  • Hi Günther,

    there is no official REXYGEN 2.50.10 yet. However you can install pre-release version - see following forum post:

    Once there is a new release you will get notified.

    Thank you for understanding.


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