Python FB

  • Hello,

    I would like to use Python FB for a test, but as soon as I try to download to my Pi, as i an error.

    error: Rexygen Module Error - some driver or block is not installed or licensed on target device. ( code-108 )
    I did follow instruction of Python block.

    I have done the apt install rex-pythonblkt and even the python3-numpy python3-opencv.
    But in all case I have this error.

    Someone can give me a hint ?

  • Hi Arnaud,
    can you post the Log of your Target device here, please? After an unsuccessful download, click on Target -> Connect-> connect to your device. Click on Target again and then Show System Log. You should see something like this:

  • Hello reitinge,

    Here is the requested log :

    system log.jpg

    Thanks for the help.


  • @belgacom
    Hi Arnaud, was this problem caused by downloading to a local computer instead of a Raspberry too? Btw. when you installed Rexygen studio, did you check the Python function blocks option?

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