How to force DbDrv to write the data every 5 minutes (xx:00,xx:05,xx:10, ...)?

  • Hi,
    I have our controllers writing values every 5 minutes to a database server. It starts pushing 5 minutes from upload to target. Would it be possible to have it to do it on the minute every 5 minutes(5:00,5:05,5:10)? This makes it easier for analytics.


  • Hi George,

    thank you for interesting question. In REXYGEN it is possible to force write to database whenever you want to - it is done by additional auxiliary flag "Trigger". See screenshot which shows additional logic in order to generate pulse every 5 minutes aligned with local time.


    Source file download: DB_trigger.mdl

    More information on auxiliary flags - see DbDrv docs:

    Hope it helps.

    Regards, Tomas

  • @cechurat Dear Tomas, I followed your steps but was unable to trigger the write to the SQL. 0_1560857965023_db-trigger.png

    Could you please help me how to use the _Trigger flag properly?
    (writing to the DB using an interval works O.K.)
    Thanks in advance,

  • Hi Petr,

    thank you for your comment. According to the screenshot provided you are using Groups which is a bit different. The thing is that auxiliary flags are defined for Items not Groups. Therefore try to change your GoTo flag "DB__writeGroup1_Trigger" to "DB__writeGroup1_line_no_Trigger" (or any other Item name within the Group followed by "_Trigger" suffix) - it should do the job.

    Let me know if it solved the issue.

    Cheers, Tomas

  • @cechurat Tomas, thanks a lot, works now!

  • @petrch Glad I could help 😉
    Our developers already implemented the new functionality. Starting from new REXYGEN release it will behave as you expected - that Group itself will have also _Trigger flag.

    Good luck with your project.

    Regards, Tomas

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