Ethercat compatible?

  • Somewhere on the old forum there was mentioned that Ethercat is one of the existing communication protocols, is there any news on this? Would I be able to use this to communicate with a Beckhoff bus coupler BK1150?

  • Hi Scoobsalamander,
    we have the EtherCAT driver in REXYGEN so you can use it. There is no configuration utility though, therefore we'll have to prepare a configuration file specifically for your I/O station. Can you provide the ordered list of I/O modules?

    Once the configuration is ready, you'll use I/O flags just like you are used to when working with e.g. Modbus driver.

    And here is a proof that it works (watch the LEDs on the digital outputs module):

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  • So you need the exact hardware setup? I guess the order and type of all io-modules are needed? At the moment I'm playing around with the modbus coupler bk9000 and some DIO and AIO. But I do want to try the same with a BK1150 Ethercat bus coupler.
    Would it be possible to change/create this file myself? Like I wrote it is just for playing around and learn some new things... 😀

  • Yes, the order and type of all io-modules is what's needed. At least for a start. Afterwards, with a bit of training and courage, you might be able to modify the configuration yourself.

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  • This is my current setup (....with some second hand modules from ebay... 🙂 )

    0_1565192007321_2019-08-07 17_31_45-Beckhoff_config - TwinCAT System Manager.png

    I also did an export description to XML from the BK9000. At the moment I don't have another bus coupler but as far as I understand the documentation then the BK9000 is also supporting Ethercat.....

  • Hi,
    the XML does not contain any information about the individual I/O modules. Can you please try again and export a complete description?

    As for the BK9000 coupler, AFAIK it does not support EtherCAT. Can you provide a link to the documentation which you mentioned?

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  • Maybe I mixed things up....nevertheless Beckhoff is mentioning that the BK9000 is supporting 'Beckhoff real-time ethernet' which I tought is the same as EtherCAT.

    0_1565255131309_2019-08-08 11_00_32-BECKHOFF New Automation Technology.png

    Also in the documentation of the BK1120 Beckhoff is refering to the BK9000, altough I don't completely understand what they mean with this.....

    0_1565255714854_2019-08-08 11_13_47-Documentation BK11x0, BK1250.png

  • I am expecting a BK1120 to arrive by the end of next week. So better to postpone everything until then....

    BTW, the link to the YouTube video isn't working for me....

  • Hi,
    the video link should work now, thanks for reporting it.

    As for the BK9000, "Beckhoff real-time Ethernet" is not EtherCAT, therefore it is not EtherCAT compatible. You need the mentioned BK1120 for that so you are on the right track.

    Once it arrives, import the whole setup into TwinCAT and upload the project here.

    In the meantime, you can make the I/Os work in REXYGEN via BK9000 and Modbus TCP.

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  • Modbus TCP I already managed , it only took me quite some time before I figured out how the addressing is working.

    To use Ethercat on the RasPi I will need a dedicated ethernet port I guess, correct?



  • Hi Jaroslav,

    Please find the uploaded Twincat project bellow :


    Thx & grtz,


  • Hi Kris,
    thanks for the Twincat file. My colleagues are neck-deep in other ongoing projects at the moment so the preparation of REXYGEN project will take some time. Hopefully in the next week. I'll get back to you.

    Kind regards,