REXLANG in 2.10.8 vs. 2.50.9

  • Hello, during the debugging work on some project I accidentally run into a simple example of different behaviour of REXLANG in two different version of REXYGEN.
    In the attached file, when changing Start signal from OFF to ON, REXLANG1.y0 becomes TRUE in 2.50.9, but stays FALSE in 2.10.8.

  • Dear Stepan,
    thanks for reporting this. I am able to replicate the problem. Which behaviour is correct? Is this something you have discovered while upgrading from 2.10.8 to 2.50.9?

    Best regards

  • I discovered this behavior while downgrading some project from 2.50.9 to 2.10.8. The reason was to deploy some algorithms developed for RPi with 2.50.9 for ALIX 2D13 where 2.10.8 is the highest version available (supposing OpenWrt - I sometimes plan to test installing Debian on ALIX with REXYGEN 2.50.9). The correct behavior is in 2.50.9. This bug is not crucial for me, I posted it just to keep you developers informed. I can easily apply some workaround for this. As the most users use the newer versions, it is not necessary to spend a lot of expensive time on this 🙂

  • Hi Stepan,
    thanks for reporting and explaining this. Since version 2.10.8 is outdated and there is no problem in the current version 2.50.9, we're not going to fix this. Please apply a workaround as you suggested. Thanks for understanding.

    Kind regards

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