Connection between REXYGEN and Matlab

  • Hi, for testing reasons, I'd like to keep calling a Matlab function from REXYGEN with a certain period (appx 1 second), and to pass results from that function back to REXYGEN. Is this possible? So far I looked at EPC, RDC (using OPC maybe?), REST_API and UDP examples. What would you recommend?

  • Hi,
    I recommend running an infinite loop in Matlab, reading a trigger (e.g. some Boolean value) from REXYGEN via REST API. Afterwards execute your function and pass the results to REXYGEN, again via REST API.

    See example 0302-03 which is included in REXYGEN Studio.


  • Thanks, I successfully implemented suggested solution via REST API, it works excellent.

  • Glad I could help!

    Best regards

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