Losing licence in flight mode

  • Hello, I came accross an interesting bug. When switching my laptop to flight mode, it loses its license. When running REXYGEN studio and trying to download the project, it shows that there is no license and it also shows different Site ID.
    After switching back to normal mode, it shows the original Site ID and I have to add an original key from the backup to make it work. It only happens in flight mode. If the wi-fi is simply disconnected (in normal mode, not in flight mode), there are no problems. I wonder if you can replicate this behavior 🙂 Stepan

  • Dear Stepan,
    interesting question. When switched to flight mode, the hardware footprint (SiteID) of your laptop changes because wifi adapters disappear completely.

    The solution is to obtain demo licence keys for both normal and flight mode at https://licensing.rexygen.com/homepage/demo-licence and add both of them manually to C:\ProgramData\REX Controls\REX_2_50_9_10649\RexCore\licence.txt. That way you'll always have a valid licence for your laptop.

    Hope this helps, let me know.

    Best regards

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