TREND object in HMI in v2.50.9

  • After upgrade from version 2.50.8 to 2.50.9 the TREND objects created by HMI Designer are no longer transparent but have greyish background color. The chart then looks a bit ugly with fading colors.
    Do you know how to revert it back to the original look, please?

    Note: all runtime, studio and designer are upgraded to the newest version 2.50.9

    Thanks and Regards,

    0_1573567481193_Trend 2-50-9.png

  • Dear Michal,
    did you run Extensions->REXYGEN HMI->Update components in REXYGEN HMI Designer for your source SVG file?

    After that, the charts should be transparent again.

    If not, please share your SVG file(s) or send them via e-mail for further analysis.

    Kind regards

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