CANbus support?

  • Has there been any thought given to CANbus support? Is there any advantage over Modbus that you know of?
    I'm operating in a very noisy environment and have to give up on Wifi, which doesn't work well on the Raspberry Pi anyway. So my choices are to use Modbus for device communication and wired LAN for inter-Pi communication, or to try to connect Pis with Modbus which I think will limit the design by restricting the speed and content that can be exchanged. I'm guessing you don't support it for lack of demand?

  • Hi Eric,
    you can use CANbus. See the blocks CanSend and CanRecv.

    There is also an example project 0406-01 included in REXYGEN Studio.

    For your experiments, you can use the 2-hour demo licence which covers CAN.

    The CANbus driver must be supported in the OS. As soon as the CAN device appears in the output of "ip link show", typically as can0, you should be fine.

    The baudrate is configured in /etc/rexcore/rexcore.env.d/ (uncomment the 2 lines) on your target device.

    Hope this helps, let me know.

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