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  • I have the archive function set to store to disk. Is there a way to retrieve this archive using SSH, Rexygen Diagnostics, or other? If so, what format is the file, the file name, and directory, and how do I interpret it?

  • Hi Russel,

    starting REXYGEN version 2.50.10 there is linux command line utility called RexArc available. It allows you to convert archive files to CSV/JSON files with specified parameters such as custom header, filters, etc.

    Install procedure:

    apt update
    apt install rexarc


    RexArc --help
        -yNo`          -sm+          .oo.          +Ny-          `oNy:
     .omMMMMm:      .omMMMMd.     `+dMMMMd+`     .hMMMMmo.      :mMMMMmo.
          +NMMMMMMMMy`  :mMMMMMMMM+  `yy`  +NMMMMMMMm:  `yMMMMMMMMN+
           .hMMMMMMMMm-  .dMMMMMMMMs      oMMMMMMMMd.  -dMMMMMMMMh.
              :mMMMMMMMNo  `sMMMMMMMMy`  oMMMMMMMy`  +NMMMMMMMm:
               .dMMMMMMMMs   oMMMMMMMMy   oMMMMMs   oMMMMMMMMd.
                `hMMMMMMMMs   oMMMMMMMMy   sMMMs   sMMMMMMMMh`
                 `yMMMMMMMMy   oMMMMMMMMs   hMs   sMMMMMMMMy`
                   sMMMMMMMMs   sMMMMMMMM+  `o   sMMMMMMMMy
                    sMMMMMMMMo   yMMMMMMMM:     oMMMMMMMMy
                     yMMMMMMMM+  `dMMMMMMMN.   /MMMMMMMMy
               _____  ________   ____     _______ ______ _   _
              |  __ \|  ____\ \ / /\ \   / / ____|  ____| \ | |
              | |__) | |__   \ V /  \ \_/ / |  __| |__  |  \| |
              |  _  /|  __|   > <    \   /| | |_ |  __| | . ` |
              | | \ \| |____ / . \    | | | |__| | |____| |\  |
              |_|  \_\______/_/ \_\   |_|  \_____|______|_| \_|
    RexArc is an utility to export data from REXYGEN Archives.
    Usage: RexArc [OPTION]... [ARCHIVE_NAME]
            e.g. Export all data to a JSON file:
                     RexArc my_archive > out.json
            e.g. Export all data to a CSV file with header:
                     RexArc --csv --csv-header "Archive export \n Date; Time; DataType; ; ; Item ID; Data1" my_archive > out.csv
            e.g. Export data in a specified timespan:
                     RexArc -ft1 "2019-01-01 00:00:00,000" -ft2 "2019-01-01 01:00:00,000" my_archive
            e.g. Export data for specified IDs only:
                     RexArc -f 1..3,5 my_archive
    General options:
            -h, --help                      show this manual
            -v, --version                   show program version
            -s, --scan                      scan the input path for available archives
            -fn, --archive                  archive name to export data from,
                                            can be also specified as last parameter
            -ic, --item-count               maximum count of items to export
            -i, --input                     path to 'arc' directory or single '.rea' file,
                                            default value is '/rex/arc'
            -o, --output                    path to output file,
                                            if not specified, output is directed to stdout
            -ve, --verbose                  verbose mode
    Filter options:
            -ft1, --from-timestamp          from time
            -ft2, --until-timestamp         until time
            -f, --filter-id                 filter data by ID, e.g. 1..5,8,10..20
            -nd, --no-data                  filter out data
            -ne, --no-events                filter out events
            -nl, --no-log                   filter out log messages
    JSON only options:
            -p, --pretty-print              pretty-prints the output when exporting to JSON
            -itc, --item-total-count        include a total count of items available,
                                            useful when exporting limited number of items using --item-count
                                            to tell the total count of items that would be exported
                                            if --item-count is not used
    CSV only options:
            -cf, --csv                      exports data to CSV format, default format is JSON
            -ch, --csv-header               specifies custom header for exported CSV,
                                            delimiters for next cell ';' and new line '\n' are supported
            -ccf, --csv-column-filter       specifies the column filter, e.g. 1..5,8,10..20
            -dscl, --delimiter-semicol      use semicolon as column delimiter instead of comma
            -dspc, --delimiter-space        use space as column delimiter instead of comma
            -dtab, --delimiter-tab          use tab as column delimiter instead of comma

    Kind Regards,

  • Where can I find list of all these extra applications?

  • @kotrbus Hi Pavel, there is just RexArc for now. We are aware that it does not have that much publicity - we would like to improve it in next release.


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