Subsystem mask Popup control

  • Hi,
    I was using in older version the Popup control on a Subsystem mask, but I cannot find that in the new "pre-release" version anymore.
    I was looking for changing my "selection" list, but do not know where to do this.
    cc53e73a-c552-483f-89b9-fcdd1d2cfec2-image.png .

    Can you guide me where to create this now?
    Thanks in advance,

  • I found it, change the Type to "Enum" and you get your menu with the Enumeration options.
    Sometimes you just have to look a bit further and check other things you are not familar with 🙂


  • Hi Peter,

    yes, this is also one of changes in newest release version - subsystem mask dialog. And you are absolutely right - changing type to Enum does the job.

    Is there anything else you struggle with? Just let us know.


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