ALBI FB inside SubSystem

  • While trying to create a new Subsystem to add some functionalities to an already existing alarming Function block (ALBI) I encountered problems with using declared parameters.

    I declared a 'word' for the archive parameter (arc) which is used for the FB ALBI found inside the newly created Subsystem.
    But once I click on the Inherit checkbox inside the ALBI FB the program throws an error and crashes (stops working and closes).
    2021-01-13 07_23_34-Block properties.png

    It seems that ALBI-FB is not using the value but the 'Parameter' name instead, which is an invalid value....just guessing.

    Update : tested with other FB and it seems related to the 'arc' parameter, it is not accepting an inherited parameter.

  • Hi Kris,
    thanks for reporting this bug. The same behaviour occurs to me. I'll send this error to developers.


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