Serial ports on Wago PFC200

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    On the contrary to the serial port on the CPU module, which is handled by the Linux OS (and is therefore directly accessible from REXYGEN), the 750-652 serial module is not recognized by the Linux OS at all. That's why you do not see it from the command line interface (there is no /dev/tty* device as you mentioned).

    The 750-652 module is connected via KBus (the internal bus of Wago I/O) and is not supported in REXYGEN at all. The only possibility is to manually push data to and from the Process Image of the module, as described in Chapter 4 of the 750-652 module documentation. Find it at

    I hate to say it, but using any Modbus TCP/RS485 transparent gateway will save you a lot of work. Alternatively, you can even use Wago PFC100 (750-8102) for such a purpose.

    Hope this helps at least a bit.

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  • Hi Jaroslav,

    That explains why i could not find it. I will look into a TCP version or another PLC with more serial ports.


    I now have a slightly used 750-652 for sale 😉

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