String Selection for HMI simple logger

  • Hi All,

    I have a HMI that uses the “simple logger” feature. I like this feature and it works well. What I’m trying to work out is a more efficient way of selecting the string messages that it logs.

    All the strings I have are alarms of some kind. But the alarms come from different places and the string selection block doesn’t really work properly for what I need. I need an alarm to be logged, but any new alarm has to shown/logged without the previous alarm needing to, or being cleared. This is where I find the string selection block fails me. Any more than 2 or 3 string options and things start to break. I’m using the binary inputs.

    Do you have any hints? 🙂



  • Hi Mike,

    not sure if I understand correctly what is the issue. Can you provide more information?
    Can you share screenshot of the project part and a sketch of desired behaviour?
    Is the issue about setting binary inputs sequentially which produces more logs to be written?


    Cheers, Tomas

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