RexCore crash, just after upload

  • Hi there,

    Using current (2.50.9) version of Rexygen dev tools, and updated rexcore on raspbian stretch.

    Just after uploading my code to the raspberry's rexcore it crashes - rexcore service is down, can't connect etc.

    Can you help me with finding out what is the cause? Where should I send my code?


  • Dear Hubert,
    sorry to hear about the issue. Please send all your project files to support (at) and we'll do our best to find and fix the problem.

    Kind regards,

  • Thanks, I just sent project by mail.


  • Hi Hubert,

    the issue was that Level1 in EXEC block is not connected. It is assumed that the Levels are connected one by one. I reconnected "tsdb_task" from Level2 to Level1 and it work now. See screenshot:


    Our developers will fix this issue.

    Thank you for reporting this.

    Regards, Tomas

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