dygraphOptions adding additional Y-axis

  • Is there any example available that I could not find so far where a second or third Y-axis was added to the trend plot?
    When using signals that are significant smaller in size compared to others, it would be nice to separate them on different Y-axis (either on left hand side, or on right hand side of the trend plot area.
    I can find examples on this website: http://dygraphs.com/tests/two-axes-vr.html but don't know how to achieve this in Rexygen on trend plot under Options.
    So when using a trend plot with 10 series, how to make sure that series 1, 2, 5,6 and 8 belong to Y1, series 3 and 7 to Y2 and 4, 9 and 10 to Y3 for instance?
    The dygraph trendplot tool is a great and powerfull thing, but the documentation when using this in Rexygen can use some more details I think.


  • Hi Peter,

    I see your point however multi Y-axis feature is not supported in REXYGEN yet. This will need some further development on our side. It is certainly on our to-do list.

    Cheers, Tomas

  • Thanks for the feedback Tomáš.
    Looking forward for that implementation 🙂


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