Project Timing

  • Hi All,

    I'm looking more into execution timing of projects. I'm not sure what I'm asking matters to much but was wondering if there is a best practice/more sensible way of doing things.

    What I've done is put two tasks onto "level 0", but have given them different execution factors. The first task runs with an execution factor of 3, the second a factor of 150 as I need both tasks to run at different times. Is this best practice or should the second task be moved to "level 1" and make it so "level 1" runs at my desired timing factor for that task?

    For reference. The first task is writing to a slave device via Modbus as a rate of 0.6sec. The second task is reading from the same device via Modbus every 30sec and logging to a TRND block with the same timing factor.

    I hope this makes sense! 🙂



  • Hi Mike,
    great question, makes perfect sense. Can you please provide more details about your project? Namely:

    • Do you need the tasks to execute in specific order?
    • How long does it take to execute the individual tasks? I don't expect it takes more than a few milliseconds, but please confirm.
    • What is the base tick?
    • What is the factor of Modbus driver?
    • Can you share your project source files? Or at least some minimum example?