Port configuration for REXYGEN Studio

  • Do I need to open more than only port 43981 in our firewall before I can download something to the PC with REXcore on it?

    I'm asking this because with only port 43981 it is not working and I get following message :

    Connecting to rex://admin@  ...  FAILEDError: Timeout (code -102)

  • Hi Kris,

    port 43981 in enough for diagnostics (REXYGEN Studio + REXYGEN Diagnostics).
    Other ports 8008 (http HMI) and/or 8009 (https HMI).

    Answer is no, 43981 should be enough. Are you sure that the RexCore is running on the machine with the given IP address? Try to execute following command:

    sudo systemctl status rexcore

    Note: The ports mentioned above are valid just for default settings. All ports can be configured via rexcore.cfg file - for more details see:https://www.rexygen.com/doc/ENGLISH/MANUALS/RexCore/RexCore_ENG.html#x1-50002.2

    Kind Regards,

  • Thanks for your reply, in the mean while it is working fine. Our IT-department made a small mistake in configuring the ports.

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