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    I'm looking into the possibility to zoom in by default, so when you open the page with the trend, on a part of a trend plot in REXYGEN HMI software.

    In the above mentioned topic on the old forum, that is referring to the options in dygraph, I found some interesting link that referred to a "date Windows".

    dateWindow #
    Initially zoom in on a section of the graph. Is of the form [earliest, latest], where earliest/latest are milliseconds since epoch. If the data for the x-axis is numeric, the values in dateWindow must also be numbers.

    Type: Array of two numbers
    Default: Full range of the input is shown

    Unfortunately I do not succeed to figure out the required code in the "options" to select for instance only the last 8 hours of a trendchart that is using for instance 3 full days.

    I'm sampling every 2 minutes (pfac = 2400) and have a trendplot of 3 days (l = 2160).
    0_1562790514478_trend settings.PNG

    Unfortunately I don't find what exact code should be used to achieve the behavior as referred to in the example online.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hi Peter,

    thanks for interesting feature request.

    It is possible to set dygraph options in REXYGEN HMI Designer - which means that it is static. According to the dygraph docs the dateWindow should be dynamically changed according to the desired time window (which is constantly moving): "earliest/latest are milliseconds since epoch".
    The only workaround in my mind for now is to use two trend plots - one 8h and one 3 days long.


  • Thanks Tomas,

    Not exactly what I want.
    But what about this "Link-Interaction" Dygraph type?
    Here a possibility to zoom to an hour, day or week etc. and move this time span to the left or to the right with the Pan parameters listed....

    Can such a graph be implemented in Rexygen?


  • Hello Peter,
    we are using dateWindow function during trend refresh. Thus every time we get a new data the time widow is adjusted. So you are not able to use this attribute for custom default zoom. I suggest to follow the @cechurat recommendation and create a 3 hour trend.

    Best regards,

  • Thank a lot for explanation Ondrej.
    I will proceed accordingly.

    Best regards,

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