Installation of REXYGEN 2.50.10-r5

  • Hello, there is REXYGEN pre-release version 2.50.10-r5 available for testing. For upgrading REXYGEN on your Raspberry Pi please follow the instructions:

    • change the source for the APT packaging system:
    sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/rexcontrols.list

    replace the contents with:

    deb buster non-free

    Save and exit.

    • Update packages cache:
    sudo apt update
    • Uninstall REXYGEN runtime modules:
    sudo apt purge rexygen-runtime
    sudo apt autoremove
    • Install the newest REXYGEN runtime modules:
    sudo apt install rexygen-runtime

    Note: the instructions assume that you are using Raspbian Buster or newest Raspberry OS. If not, please upgrade your system.

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