Modbus : converting data from two registers into float

  • Hi,

    Wish you happy new year to team and users !

    I have some dificulties to convert the modbus data from a device (here a mass flow).

    I retrieve the data, but i need to convert it.
    Here the configuration :

    • Reading holding register (3)
    • quantity : 2 (u16)

    I need a 32-bit float (SGL) after the conversion.
    I tried different configuration but without success.
    May be need some Swap before join ?

    Thanks for your help


  • Hi Emmanuel,

    thanks for your question. Can you share configuration of Modbus in your project (or preferably whole REXYGEN project if possible) so I can have a look at the settings you used?

    There is possibility to Swap Bytes or Swap Words at each Modbus item - did you try that?


    Regards, Tomas

  • Thanks Thomas
    I'll try these parameters.

    PS : later, cause a collegue take my device...

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